The event I attended today basically costed me 217$. I missed an 8 hr day paid at 15$ an hr. And paid 97$ to be at the event…..but the event, THE event was not what I paid for. The Shrimp and Grits that I was served from the Sheraton Cafe kitchen was not what I paid for. What I paid for was an intimate setting of likeminded ladies who had some knowledge, expertise and just plain ole trial and error stories to share. What I paid for was the opportunity to be in the presence of some people who have done what I’m trying to do and can save me some useless efforts and some pain and failures (notice I said some). I paid for the comfort in knowing that the obstacles I’ve encountered were not signs that I was doing something wrong but instead a very vital step for forward. I paid for the privilege of sitting in the presence of women who not only have the drive, knowledge, know how,  and passion to be successful business women but also have the heart to wanna help other women who are attempting to travel the road that they have already traveled or are just beginning their journey along with myself. I put myself in an arena of women who may not know the president of the company but is in good standings with the marketing director who can make a way to get me in and make the connections to work my way up.

What I paid for was the Houston FusionTour by Vernetta R Freeney. Emceed by Joann Ajayi-Scott and  features Panelists Justina Page and Anne Santos and Joann Ajayi-Scott. What I RECEIVED was infinite knowledge and plenty opportunities to propel my business to the next level and made what could very easily be lifelong connections on a personal level and professional as well. What i received was a refresher and rejuvenation that was well needed. 

No receipt, no refund needed.


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